For Topeka, Shawnee County, and the surrounding area, ice control is free with any seasonal contract!

If you have lived in Kansas through at least a few winters, then you know that Ice, more than snow, can be a very dangerous winter hazard. Slippery and often hidden under snow or leaves, winter ice is the cause of many injuries in Topeka, especially to our elderly.

At Matt Wichert Snow Removal & Salting Service, we prevent ice build-up on your property by using a variety of tools and techniques that have proven over the years to be most effective for ice control.


All seasonal contracts come with scheduled ice control:


  • We apply ice melt every time we plow and shovel your property.

  • Extra salting runs are made when there is not enough snow to plow.

  • Salt/sand mixture used for areas requiring extra traction.



  • Snow Fall Reaches 1":  We'll automatically schedule your property

  •  Service Completion Time:  We offer emergency, 3-hour, 6-hour, and 12-hour options

  •  Early Morning Guarantee: For snowfalls ending before 3 am

  •  We offer Seasonal Flat Rate Pricing. Call for details

Residential Snow Removal 

Matt Wichert Snow Removal & Salting Service offers either a one-time flat-rate service where we'll remove snow and salt your property driveway starting at $40.00.  Our average residential job price is around $60 or you can choose a flat rate package.

Commercial Snow Removal

Matt Wichert Snow Removal & Salting Service understands the importance of winter safety for your business. We provide an on-time, reliable, and consistent snow clearing service. We are equipped and experienced to take care of even the most demanding Kansas commercial properties.

Residential Construction

Matt Wichert Construction offers numerous services including new construction, remodels, decks, framing, siding, roofing, windows, etc.


Our prices are based on the square footage of the area you need to be cleared. If you’re unwilling to make a commitment, or just simply need a one-time snow removal service, Matt Wichert Snow Removal & Salting Service offers a pay-per-plow service. We offer a Snow Bird/Vacation Service for those that travel to warmer climates



Offering budget-friendly top-shelf snow removal service is at the heart of Matt Wichert Snow Removal & Salting Service's success.  With over 15 years of construction experience, adding snow removal and ice control was a natural addition to our new construction and home improvement business. Trust us to keep your business running smoothly and safely even during the heaviest snowstorms.  Your business and its customers can safely rely on us!


We offer a comprehensive snow removal service designed to ensure your company's business will continue to operate even during the worst of Kansas snow and ice storms. Our service is fully automated so you don't have to worry about calling for a plow service. We take charge not only of plowing but also of clearing entrances, walkways, sidewalks, stairs, etc. You can enjoy a professionally maintained property that is clean, safe, and free of snow and ice all Kansas winter long.


We hold a Contractor's General Liability Insurance policy worth $1,000,000 per occurrence. Proof of Insurance and license numbers are available upon request.



Matt Wichert Snow Removal & Salting Service offers a mapped-out plan on the best approach to providing you a snow removal and ice control solution that is agreed upon before the first snowfall.

We thoroughly map the layout and specifics of each contracted property, ensuring that all snow removal services are performed exactly to the client's specifications.


I was referred to Mr. Wichert through a friend and without his snow and ice removal service, it's very difficult to get out of our extended driveway. He's dependable and has always given me great service.

​JD Deines, Topeka, K

I own a small business in Southwest Topeka and would like to thank Matt for his reliable and excellent service over the years.

Grady Golden, Topeka, KS - Hygienic Dry Cleaners, Inc.

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